• Payment of Pensions

    How to get W.N.O.P after death of civil servants first

    • Termination pension after getting death certificate of the desessed
    • Submitting letters to the banks if exceeded amount is deposited
    • Lefting know the relevant person to provide following documents
      • Original death certificates
      • Original birth certificates of widow
      • Original of the marriage certificate
      • Photo copy of bank pass book of widow
      • Photo copy of N.I.C. of widow
      • Photo copy of W.N.O.P or W.N.O.P no
      • Passport size colored photo certified by Grama Niladari
      • Photo copies of above mentioned documents should be certified by the Grama Niladari
    • File should be in process to necessary steps after relevant information submitted


    why the pension is terminated

    • Terminating pension due to unavailability of life certificate for the relevant year
    • Life certificate should be handed over after attending the pensioner and he is informed to be certified by the Grama Niladari
    • Pension should be updated after the life certificate is returned

    Why the pension is not continued and prolonged to the for heires of the family after widow is not available

    • According to the WNOP act, if a due salary or deficit of the pensioner that amount can’t be credited to the for heires and no legal allocations is allocated when the pensioner is not available






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