Our Vision

To be the premier service provider of the Gampaha District

Our Mission

Fulfill the needs of the people of Jaela division to satisfy in an efficient and productive manner, conforming with the policies of the government and principles of Good Governance
Ja-Ela is a suburb of Colombo, located approximately 20 km (12 mi) north of the Colombo city centre. Ja-Ela lies on the A3 road which overlaps with the Colombo – Katunayake Expressway at the Ja-Ela Junction.
The etymology of the name is uncertain, and there are several yet arguable interpretations of the name. Howbeit, based on verified historical shreds of evidence, the etymology of the place, Ja Ela is based on both Malay & Sinhala languages. "Ja" and "Javan" are referential terms used by the Sinhalese, Moors & Tamils to address the Malays/ Javanese or those of Indonesian descent and the term "Ela" is derived from Sinhala language meaning stream/ lake/ canal.[1]
The economy in Ja-Ela consists of commercial enterprises, office and industrial employment.

History of Jaela Divisional Secretariat

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. P.M Patabandige 1990 1992
Mr S.M.A.L Gunathilaka 1993 1998
Mr. N.A.A Pushpakumara 1998 2001
Mr. M.C.L Fernando 2001 2005
Mr. W.A.W Pramapriya 2005 2010
Mr. W.N.A.P.B Wanninayaka 2010 2013
Mrs Nimali Silva 2013 2014

News & Events

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